Ex-White House Aide On Benghazi, “Dude, That Was Two Years Ago” (VIDEO)

The physical manifestation of everything wrong with the part of the younger generation that has no sense of duty and respect was on full display Thursday night on Fox News’ Bret Baier. Tommy Vietor, has been a political hack for his short adult life. He is the scum of Washington, DC and everything that is wrong with our nation’s capitol. He drove Obama’s van around a decade ago while Obama was still in Illinois and he somehow got to be, get ready for it, National Security Council Spokesman with no experience in anything except driving a van for Obama! This Tommy Vietor has no regard for our military, our soldiers and the four great men that died in the Benghazi attacks two years ago.

This clip will absolutely outrage you.

There are still no straight answers on Benghazi from anyone in the White House and recently “smoking gun” emails were discovered that directly links the White House to lying about why the Benghazi attack happened and that they lied in their talking points the two weeks following the attacks. Let us know your reaction in the comment section.


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