Video – Leading Democrats Say Barack Obama “Not a Leader”

by Ulsterman in History, July 29, 2011

Joe Scarborough breaks the in-house silence regarding how Barack Obama’s own party views him. White House Insider’s repeated claims of Democrats’ deep and growing dissatisfaction with Obama proven correct once again.

Those who have followed the ongoing reports of our White House Insider series know well the oft-repeated claims that it is a growing number of Democrats within Barack Obama’s own political party who are most disappointed with the failure of leadership exhibited by the Obama White House and Barack Obama himself.

As the ongoing debt crisis now reaches its conclusion, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough reveals that “40 to 50″ leading Democrats in Congress have levelled repeated complaints against Obama’s incompetence during the negotiations, stating the president has “left us alone again” just as he did during the healthcare debate.  This description of Democratic Party sentiment against Obama mirrors the very description our White House Insider has made for the past several months.

Watch the video now and see for yourself, and know this – if not for a mainstream media still willing to promote and defend Barack Obama at all cost, he would most likely not even receive the nomination of his own political party in 2012:


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