Beck Announces Location Change for Restoring Courage Event Due to Security Concerns

On radio Monday, Glenn Beck announced a major change to his massive Restoring Courage event in Israel on August 24. The site of the event has been moved from the historic Temple Mount. It’s a move Beck says is due to security concerns.

“Last week I was told by several security firms that because of the people we have not announced yet … that some of the security services were getting a little nervous because of the high profile nature of this event and the volatility of the Middle East, and this is a country that has experienced the death of Itsack Rabine, who was a prime minister, and he was assassinated in an open public square.”

If something like that would happen during Beck’s event, he said, that would be “horrific.” Coupled with the information he received that 40,000 Muslims are planning to be atop the Temple Mount, Beck said it was wise to move the event’s specific location.

“We have been asked if we would move the site. I concur, because courage must be coupled with wisdom, and the last thing we want to happen is for anyone to be injured in any way, or there to be any kind of conflict.” He also wants to defend from conservatives getting blamed for starting World War III in Israel.

Still, Beck said the change will not alter the event. “This is a very strong program,” he added. “It is a program that I believe will be remembered by millions in the world as a turning point … .”

Beck said he has not decided on a new location. That announcement will come within the next couple day. Still, he did offer some possibilities.

“It will either be inside the walls of Jerusalem, or it will be directly outside,” he said. It could even be “on the mount of olives.”

You can watch Beck make the announcement below:

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