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5 Responses to OPEN THREAD

  1. BarbVa says:

    Hey, there ya go. I just pinned it, as you can see. Will unpin it tomorrow when a new one put up.

    Same idea as PT putting a date on theirs each day, but we are posting articles as well, so pin it and see if works OK.

    Be back later, still doing yard duty. Be done shortly, getting hot.

  2. BarbVa says:

    Will be gone for a few hours. Got some things to do.
    Later 🙂

  3. barbaranaples says:

    When you’re up for it, I don’t see an edit option on your Krauthammer post
    or Elaine’s about the 16 pounder….therefore, I was unable to correct my

  4. BarbVa says:

    We need to explain to Elaine our purpose for an Open Thread so she will know if she just wants to chit-chat she can do it there all day long, and not have to search around.

  5. BarbVa says:

    Dinner time. In fact I’m late, no wonder I’m hungry 🙂

    I’ll have to find out info on smileys. 🙂

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