16 pound baby born in Texas



Now, this is a little chunk..

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6 Responses to 16 pound baby born in Texas

  1. barbaranaples says:

    The link is Not hot Barb….I cannot click on Elaine’s url…..

  2. Elaine says:

    I can’t click on it either and do not know how to post a link.
    Is there something I am suppose to know about Hot Links?
    Gee I thought that was a weiner. LOL

    • BarbVa says:

      To make a hot link you have to click FIRST the icon to make a link or you can short cut key it.

      Alt+shift+A and paste link in box, OK update or publish whatever you see on right hand side.

      I just edit it for you, then high lighted link C&P into link box after it pops up.

  3. barbaranaples says:

    Elaine….getting page not found….url seems off…

  4. barbaranaples says:

    This is no way a weiner Elaine..

  5. barbaranaples says:

    We need some learnin!

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