She's Going Places….A tribute to Caylee…

How do you get the video to show other than clicking on the URL.
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8 Responses to She's Going Places….A tribute to Caylee…

  1. barbaranaples says:

    The second url is the share…what am I missing?

  2. BarbVa says:

    I want you to learn how to do this yourself. Posting the link in comments is easier, as you can see.

    Posting it originally is slightly different. I want you to “edit” the first link, by clicking “unlink”
    Go to Youtube menu page I have at top where you see Home etc….. scroll down until you see trouble shooting, and it will show in in pics how to unlink. OK.

  3. BarbVa says:

    Let me clarify, click edit and then when edit page shows up with your original post, Highlight first Youtube link, then click unlink (link you usually click to link a url) by reclicking it, you unlink it.

    If you do it correctly, your link should appear in just black lettering……not a hot link.

  4. barbaranaples says:

    I have to run out for a bit….I have no idea what you mean….I will need to have my hand held with this….I went to troubleshooting but didn’t see it right away and now I have to leave for a little while…I’ll be back!!!!

  5. BarbVa says:

    LMAO OK see you later 🙂

  6. Elaine says:

    The terrible thing about the verdict in this case is that now, Casey Anthony can even admit she killed Caylee, accident or intentional and she can never be tried again.

    Such a shame.

  7. barbaranaples says:

    Elaine…It is a shame…this jury couldn’t have really tried very hard in 10 hours…I think they
    wanted out ….fast..

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