Good Morning

Hope you have a good day.

I know Baseball and NASCAR are on the list for things to do today for some of us. My game is on at 4pm, I hope I can get it; it’s on Fox network, national TV.

Well off to WP school to see if and what else I can put on here.

Later 🙂

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9 Responses to Good Morning

  1. Hi there…
    Back and here for the day…NASCAR isn’t on until 7:30 I think….I’ll get
    about half way thru it…lol..Have fun at school!!

  2. Just trying something….HiYa!

  3. barbaranaples says:

    This is almost too silly….I am here….signed in as barbaranaples when I got the OK from wordpress
    but I don’t think I am registered on this site…their letter to you called me a wordpress user…lol
    I won’t sign out…

    • BarbVa says:

      I don’t think you better sign out either. 🙂
      So now can you see the menu at the top? See if you can see Add New? If you can, click it, and you will have a choice “Post”

      • barbaranaples says:

        NOOO Add New……My Account………My Blog……..Blog Inffo………….Subscribe …….You Like This…

        I really still don’t feel I am signed into this site, and am in as barbaranaples thru
        my wordpress account.

    • BarbVa says:

      My Blog, click and you will have a choice “New Post”

  4. BarbVa says:

    Be back in awhile. Going to make lunch.
    Stay out of trouble 🙂

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