Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter, NY Yankee shortstop just hit his 3000 hit, and it was a home run.

Congratulations to a great player, and person 🙂

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2 Responses to Derek Jeter

  1. barbaranaples says:

    WooooooHoooooooo Jete!!!

    and in case you didn’t see my email, I have NO ADD….and I do not believe I am signed into
    your site….When you open up to register it again I will try with a different name and an old
    AOL email I have…..see what happens!

    • BarbVa says:

      I’m sure you are signed in. Look and see if option to log out.
      My Blog, click it, you will see New Post. I guess you have to use that since you are not Admin. Just guessing.
      Click New Post in order to post an entirely new one so you won’t have to keep replying to another one.
      Try and post something that way.
      Be back after awhile, I have someone coming to do something for me in my yard.

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